Upcoming Opportunities To Connect With Me:

October 3: Meet & Greet, 6 to 8pm, at 4638 Lakeshore Road, hosted by the Okanagan Mission Residents Association.


October 4: Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Forum, 11:30am to 1:30pm, at the Mary Irwin Theatre at the Rotary Centre for the Arts. 


October 5: Meet & Greet, 5pm to 7pm, at 2604 Enterprise Way, hosted by URBA Bridge Youth Services.

I Offer Real Action On:


Crime & Safety

My commitment to my children and my community is for real safety, not empty wishful promises. 

That's why we added 70 new safety related positions, including 39 additional RCMP constables, just over the last 4 years. Over the last decade our police force grew by 39%, while our population increased by 23%. As a City, we spend 1/3 of our annual budget on community safety and policing. And despite all this, our crime rates are getting worse. It's clear that policing alone will not solve the issue. That's why we developed our first ever, comprehensive Community Safety Plan. It’s a 5-year action plan that describes a systems-based, multi-pronged approach to improve community safety in Kelowna.

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I believe everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to call home.

Housing prices are driven by supply and demand. Locally, we can only control supply efficiency through an intelligent, red tape free process of approvals; that's why council under my leadership has been focused on building more housing. Nearly 12,000 units were built during the last 5 years while 2021 was HISTORIC year with over a billion dollars worth of new housing approvals. Affordability continues to be a challenge, primarily driven by more families who want to call Kelowna home.

I will continue to be a champion for every single resident by encouraging higher density, greater options, and more sustainable homes development in our community.



Decades of underfunding requires a complex set of solutions.

Instead of blaming other levels of government we made a decision to be part of the solution. The Journey Home was adopted in 2018 as a strategy to address homelessness. Our goal was, and continues to be, Functional Zero Homelessness, a point where everyone who needs housing, beds, and services has access to them. In 2018 we identified 286 chronically homeless individuals in our community. Over the last 4 years we added 300 + units to house those individuals. More homes are under construction today. Theoretically everyone should have had a roof over their head by now. But over that time more people became homeless and we must continue to tackle this very complex and sensitive issue with patience and productive advocacy that result in real action by our partners.

What's Important To Me

You deserve a credible, consistent mayor who can focus on multiple fronts, not a single-issue leadership. I believe in hard work that improves many aspects of our lives today, and for tomorrow. These topics have been and continue to be my passion. I offer a real plan for:

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Keeping your taxes as low as possible while funding critical demands of our City is a delicate balance. We have been doing well on that front, having some of the lowest property taxes BC. 


Things don't get done by decree, especially when dealing with federal and provincial partners. They do get done by respectfully, professionally, and intelligently engaging leaders and decision makers in our region.

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Traffic is painful. Roads cost us a fortune in taxes and pollute our air. My solutions focus on multi-use developments, density in town centres, and alternative transportation modes that offer more options for everyone.


It's important to me to foster respect and inclusivity in our community so that everyone feels welcome and safe to live here. Work here. Build a future here.

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We are but a small player in the fight against climate change, but we must do our part. Preventing sprawl by encouraging density and providing alternative methods of transportation are some of the most effective actions we can take as a City.


A vibrant Arts & Culture scene provides jobs, entertainment, and helps make Kelowna an exciting place to call home.


Dear friends,

We have challenges, but I believe that together we can overcome anything! Our crime rates, our traffic, our homeless problems are REAL. But there will ALWAYS be problems that will test our resolve and our commitment to finding the best available solutions. I will not make unrealistic promises to win votes. Over the years I have built very strong relationships with other levels of government that allows me to help deliver REAL solutions for our city.


After two terms as your Mayor, I am still the same optimistic candidate. A candidate who was born here, who grew up here, and who is now raising his own children here. And I don’t want my children to feel like they have to leave Kelowna to find opportunities. I want real opportunities right here at home for you and me, your kids and my kids, your friends and my friends. This is what drove me to seek public office and what has driven me ever since. And I believe that we are moving in the right direction. It’s not accident that Kelowna became one of the best-rated, fastest growing cities in Canada.


People want to live here for a reason. As I walk the streets of Kelowna and see the site of the future UBCO downtown campus, the Okanagan College expansion, the Innovation Centre, and the KF Aero Centre for Excellence, I am inspired by the thought of people building amazing careers right here at home. I see families and groups of friends enjoy local arts, culture, and entertainment along the newly extended art-walk and I imagine them visiting our new state-of-the-art community theatre! I am encouraged as I see people enjoying our parks and our traffic-free Bernard Ave, biking along our new active transportation corridors, skating on new ice sheets at the Capital News Centre, and enjoying our public facilities like the new Recreation Centre. We are a city with a historically low unemployment rate. By embracing growth and investing in our world-class educational institutions, I’m more confident than ever that we are well positioned to accommodate the job needs of tomorrow.


But, Friends, our success is not guaranteed. Our progress to date is not simply luck or coincidence. After a decade of responsible work, we are finally beginning to realize a vision of a vibrant, connected, and walkable Kelowna. With your help I can keep turning a REAL VISION for our city into REAL generational PROGRESS for all!     That’s why I am running again and I humbly ask for your vote on October 15th! 



What are the main issues? 

Complex Housing is FINALLY Here!

Real facts, not misinformation!

Reforming Our Justice System

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